Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

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  • Image of Truck Driving at Night

    5 ways to make driving at night easier

    When it comes to long-haul driving, knowing what will work best for you as a driver is essential. Both night-time and day-time driving can have pros and cons, but night driving can come with some extra challenges. Here are some tips to make driving at night a little bit easier. Be aware of rest times …

  • Image of blue truck driving down road with blue, cloudy sky in background

    Learn About the Changes Coming for Truck Driving

    We were all reminded of how vital trucking has been during the past few years. However, that doesn’t stop trucking from making changes and improvements. Truck driving will make several changes over the next few years. We break down what some of those changes might be. Shifting Driver Jobs A significant change that has slowly …

  • Image of blue truck driving by mountain

    Regional Trucking: The Best of Both Worlds

    Regional truck driving fits perfectly between over-the-road (OTR) and local truck driving jobs. In recent years trucking has started to shift towards more regional and local jobs. However, many people don’t know what regional truck driving is or what the day is like. What is regional truck driving? Regional truck driving is a hybrid of …

  • Image of white USTDS semi-truck parked on range, other trucks in background

    How is the trucking industry is reducing their footprint?

    Trucking is an industry that has a direct effect on emissions. As more trucks go green, the environment benefits. With April including Earth Day, we wanted to share what the trucking industry is doing to become a greener and more sustainable industry. 1. Improving the Trucks Efficiency As trucking continues to grow, so do the …

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    Make an impact on the next generation of professional drivers!

    Before starting your venture as a professional driver, you must first go through one of United States Truck Driving School’s CDL Training Programs, which combines in-class instruction and behind-the-wheel training. These courses would not be possible without our CDL instructors, who utilize their knowledge and experience of the industry to prepare our students for their …

  • Image of man, arms crossed, standing in front of blue truck

    What Does the Future of Trucking Have in Store?

    Like many industries, normalcy in the everyday business of trucking was shaken up by the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry saw shifts in employment, operations, procedures, and more. Though the constraints of the situation led to many uncertainties, truck drivers have remained resilient. The ability to adapt to constant change allowed truck drivers to make the …