Payment Options for Your CDL Training

At United States Truck Driving School (USTDS), our goal is to finance as many qualified students as possible, even when other schools have said “NO.”

We offer a variety of finance options for students concerned with truck driving school costs, or how to pay for their tuition.

For more information on any of the Financial Assistance programs available at United States Truck Driving School, click on any of the links below.


Learn more about financial assistance for Veterans.

*United States Truck Driving School – Wheat Ridge is compliant with Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018, Section 103.

State and Federal Programs

There are a number of State and Federal tuition assistance programs that our students may qualify for. From Workforce Development to Veterans Assistance Programs, USTDS is approved for funding from more than a half dozen programs and agencies.

Learn more about State and Federal Programs for CDL Training

Tuition Reimbursement

Some of the largest nationally known trucking companies that we work with offer tuition reimbursement to graduates. These companies may pay as much as 100% of the monthly tuition payment in reimbursement, up to $7,500 total.

Learn more about the employer Tuition Reimbursement Program

Private Financing

In-House financing may be available to qualified students directly through United States Truck Driving School. Financing decisions are made at the school, which means we can help get you financed even if other places can’t! Students can get started with very little up-front costs and a 2-month deferred re-payment plan!

Qualifying for Financial Assistance is subject to the requirements of each individual funding source.