Student Loans

How to Afford the Cost of Truck Driving School

Taking out a personal student loan is a great option for students to pay for their trucking school tuition. Many employers offer a tuition reimbursement program to help graduates re-pay their loan payments each month. 

Learn more about what student loans entail and how you can pay them back after completing your driver training.

Initial Trucking School Payment

Students can get started in one of our programs for as little as $500 upfront cost.

When Student Loans Begin

Loan payments do not begin until a full 2 months after graduation. This gives our driver training graduates peace of mind knowing they do not have to begin repayment right after school.

How to Pay Back your Trucking Student Loans

You can pay back your student loans by yourself, or with the help of a carrier. We offer placement with several of the largest National Trucking Companies that offer tuition reimbursement to our graduates to help repay their loan payments each month. Some companies pay up to 100% of the monthly payment and a total of up to $7,500.

How to Apply for Student Loans using USTDS In-House Financing

To apply USTDS in-house financing, you will need to complete the application for your school campus — either Denver or Colorado Springs.