14 Truck Driver Misconceptions

Being a truck driver isn’t exactly easy. And it’s even harder when the rumor mill is running and people actually believe the myths about this profession. The truth is, truckers work hard every day! So we are here to address and correct the 14 most common misconceptions people have about the men and women that keep America moving!

1. Myth: Most people don’t care about truck drivers.

Reality: Most people know that without truckers, they wouldn’t eat, would have nothing to buy, or have nothing to drive. Most people recognize the commitment and skill that it takes to make America run and they appreciate it.

2. Myth: Truckers are male.

Reality: There are over 200,000 long haul women truckers. To be a trucker you have to be confident and able-bodied. Women are just as capable as men.

3. Myth: Anyone can be a truck driver.

Reality: Yes and no. With the proper CDL training, you can become a truck driver. But you have to pass your training and CDL test first. You can be a truck driver if you uphold the law, work hard, and are committed to doing a good job.

4. Myth: Truckers never shower.

Reality: Actually, long distance truckers never have to look far for home conveniences like showers. They’re everywhere and very commonly used.

5. Myth: They’re irresponsible drivers.

Reality: Truckers are very extensively trained and able to handle what the road throws at them. They take their safety and the safety of others very seriously.

6. Myth: They’re only concerned about getting where they’re goin’ fast.

Reality: Truckers are actually well documented “Good Samaritans”, who are often the first to stop when they see a collision or motorist in trouble. With proper trip planning, they can stay on time and eliminate the need to rush through their trip.

7. Myth: Truckers cause lots of accidents.

Reality: Truckers are 3 times less likely to have an accident than normal vehicles. And the majority of accidents that do occur are due to drivers driving in blind spots and abruptly braking in front of them.

8. Myth: Truckers are poor.

Reality: A truck driver makes a pretty good living, often exceeding 50K a year. Even states like Mississippi, that have much lower wages than national averages, lead the nation in trucker compensation.

9. Myth: Drivers are notorious boozers and addicts.

Reality: Drivers take regular drug tests and can’t have any major marks on their records. These expectations are set by reputable companies.

10. Myth: Truckers aren’t cultured or knowledgeable.

Reality: Truckers drive all over the country. They have the opportunity to see just about every sight there is to see. They experience a lot of exciting things and meet a lot of great people.

11. Myth: They’re loners.

Reality: Trucking is a very social profession. They are constantly meeting new people, working with others and sharing stories.

12. Myth: All they do is sit.

Reality: Truckers are hauling a variety of loads. When they aren’t driving, they’re loading, unloading, and actually staying fairly active.

13. Myth: Truckers don’t have a family.

Reality: Most truckers are family men and women, doing the best they can to care for their families.

14. Myth: Drivers aren’t professional.

Reality: Drivers take their job seriously. They get up for work every morning and work hard to meet deadlines. Truckers are some of the most reliable and committed people you’ll ever meet.