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2017 Trucking Industry Outlook

What Does the Future of the Trucking Industry Look Like

The 2017 trucking forecast appears to be heading into another year demand. The US economy in 2016 did well with the third quarter corporate profits swelling just under $46 Billion from profits made during the second quarter of 2016.

As we continue to wait for the Feds to release data on the fourth quarter of 2016, it is fairly safe to say that 2017 should be another profitable year for corporations. What this means for truck drivers is an increase in demand for goods moved by trucks. The reason is that stores and manufacturers need to restock their inventories if they wish to supply products to consumers.

In short, 2017 for truck driving jobs should be another bumper year.

Young People Needed

It is not secret that the trucking industry is getting older. When we look at the demographic data, as published by the American Trucking Association, we see that the trucking industry needs younger drivers. This is because for years as older truckers retired, nobody replaced them.

When the housing market crashed in 2008 trucking took a hit. It was a good time to get out of the industry and so people did. Since the US economy has turned around, the need for truck drivers has continued to grow.

That is what has lead to the trucking shortage and that remains what is driving the need for new truck drivers. For anyone looking for a new career, or to start their first, trucking needs people.

Trucking is Growing and It Needs New Drivers

When we look at the data from sites like the BLS, what we see is a steady growth for new jobs within the industry. Part of that is due to speculation and part of it the fact that for the last several years, trucking has been hurting for new drivers. A few key facts:

— The drop in fuel costs makes moving goods by truck even more viable to industry.

— The US Economy is doing well and consumer confidence is growing. What that means is people are buying goods as documented by that massive growth in corporate profits for third quarter 2016.

— The US Housing Market is fully recovered and people are buying homes again. This is driving the need by manufacturers for building materials and by consumers for goods for their new homes.

What all this means is that for 2017, the industry is sitting in a prime position to grow. What is holding back trucking is the shortage of drivers. Trucking not only needs new drivers to fill existing needs, they need new drivers to replace those that are retiring.

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