National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

There are rock stars in the sense of Led Zeppelin or AC/DC, but the real rock stars in the driving world are truck drivers. Truck drivers are the “bread and butter” of our society. Even Elvis Presley was told to “stick to truck driving because he would never make it as a rock star.” However, we know that being a truck driver is actually a great career that helps many people in the process!

Consider what truck drivers do every day. They get consumer goods to stores, stock our grocery shelves with food, bring food to the restaurants we enjoy eating at, and help stock our favorite stores. If we didn’t have truck drivers, many of the goods and services that we enjoy every day would not be readily available.

The Trucking Industry

The trucking industry brings in more than $676.2 billion annually in the US. About 8.9 million people are employed in the truck driving industry, and about 2.3 million of those people drive the actual trucks to their final locations. The average driver gets paid about $40,000 as an entry-level wage. That amount can increase as the driver becomes a “seasoned veteran” in the industry.

Celebrating Truck Drivers

The week of September 8th through the 14th, 2019 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It’s your opportunity to show truck drivers appreciation for doing what they do.

So, how do you participate in Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

The following are some great ideas that you can use to treat a local truck driver like the rock star of the road that they are:

  • Share a shout out to your local truck drivers on social media (especially if you own a store or small business).
  • Give a local truck driver you know an “appreciation gift.” (A reusable mug to fill with their favorite drink on the road is a great idea–you could even fill it with goodies!)
  • Buy a truck driver a meal when you see them in a gas station to thank them for what they do.
  • Set up a “truck wash” in your community to help drivers clean up their truck. (It gives them a break from doing it FOR ONCE, and they will appreciate it.)
  • Write a note and thank a truck driver you see out and about

These are a few great ways that you can thank truck drivers who serve your community without breaking the bank.

At United States Truck Driving School, we are proud to participate in National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. If you’re interested in getting started in the trucking industry, contact us about how we can help you obtain your CDL.