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What Does a Trucking Career Look Like?

It's not always OTR

When most people think of trucking jobs, they think of long cross-country hauls with very little home time. The truth is, there are more options than just long-haul trucking. While most drivers start out going OTR (Over the Road) some transition into a different position, like driving short-haul routes or even becoming a driver trainer.

So, what does a trucking job look like? Well, that depends on the driver.

The Long (or Short) Haul

Long-haul drivers typically make more money but spend the most time away from home. They’ll often spend days or weeks at a time on the road crisscrossing the country and living out of their trucks.

Short-haul drivers typically make several stops each day, loading and unloading their cargo, and are back home in the evening. They may not make the same pay as OTR drivers, but their home time is much greater.

There are pros and cons to both long and short-haul jobs, and only you can decide which option is best. Knowing the difference in hometime, pay, and typical job duties will help you decide which job opportunity is best for you.

Using Your CDL Without Driving

There are many positions that don’t require a lot of driving but favor candidates with a CDL and driving experience. If you have your CDL, you could transition into a career as a driver trainer, school instructor, or terminal manager. Local and regional driving positions are another option. These often have dedicated routes and regular schedules. It’s a great way to keep using your CDL while providing some stability in your schedule.

There are plenty of career options when you have a CDL. You don’t have to give up your CDL just because you are ready to grow or transition your career!

Whether you are choosing truck driving as your first career or are transitioning careers, we want to help you reach your career goals! Contact us today to learn more about our Class A CDL and Class B CDL training, or CDL refresher courses.