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Using Loans for Truck Driving School

Loan Options you Can Use for CDL Training

The thought of having to pay for school is a hurdle for many students. When you explore all the options available, you’ll see that financial aid, tuition financing, and personal loans offer excellent opportunities for you to attend trucking school and start your career.

Today we’re taking a look at two different loan options you can use for your CDL training.

Carrier Sponsorship for Tuition Reimbursement

US Truck Driving School partners with different trucking companies that will reimburse tuition costs for their employees. These carriers offer a reimbursement plan for the loans you accrued while attending truck driver training. They will pay graduates anywhere from $100 to $300 above their regular pay to use for repaying those student loans. For you, that means your education will be free if you stay with the company long enough to repay the full amount. What is better than that?

Loan payments do not begin until a full two months after graduation. This will allow you time to focus on getting started with your new career. Use those weeks to get your budget in order and allow your employer to begin those reimbursements if offered.

In-House Financing Option

United States Truck Driving School offers in-house financing for qualified individuals. Our financial aid department makes all decisions right here on campus. There are no long forms to deal with, and you won’t have to wait for an approval from an outside source. To see if you qualify, simply complete our online application.

Truck driving is one of the best career choices available today! Don’t let the cost of training stop you from going after your goal of driving a big rig. We’ll help you every way possible. Give us a call at 303-848-8443 today!