Truck Driving School or Company Training?

When looking to start a career in trucking, one thing is certain: you’ll need a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). There are two common options to getting your CDL: enrolling in a CDL school (like United States Truck Driving School) or enrolling in a trucking company training program.

There are pros and cons to both options, and today we’re going to look at each one so you can figure out which choice is right for you.

Training & Experience

CDL courses at United States Truck Driving School are taught by professional instructors who have years of experience in the industry. Because of this, the learning experience is often more impactful and focused. If needed, instructors are able to work with students one-on-one to develop the skills necessary to be a great driver for any trucking company, not just the one providing the training.

That’s not saying that the training you’d get from a trucking company won’t be the best they can offer. You’ll be paired with a trainer that will provide an on-the-job type of training to help you prepare for your new career with the company.

Long-Term Commitment

United States Truck Driving School graduates are able to find a job with any company. This gives students more flexibility in the company they want to work for. Many of our students have pre-hire employment offers with several companies – before their training even begins! And with our lifetime job placement assistance, we can help you transition to a new chapter of your driving career at any time.

Trucking companies also give the promise of employment through a signed contract, which also relieves the typical job-search stress. Once you finish their training, you’ll get right to work. Of course, with company training, there is no job placement assistance, and drivers will have to secure a position with another company on their own.

The Best of Both Worlds

United States Truck Driving School partners with several trucking companies to offer a company-sponsored training program, or a tuition reimbursement program.

With our carrier sponsorship program, you can pick a participating company you’d like to work for after graduation, and they’ll loan you money towards the costs of tuition at USTDS. Then, after you graduate from our program you’ll then pay the carrier back on a weekly payroll deduction as you earn your paychecks.

Tuition Reimbursement is also an available option. You’ll cover the costs of your CDL training and the company you choose to work for will pay your monthly tuition payment back to you as reimbursement. This is a great option for Veterans who are able to use military benefits for their CDL training.

The benefit of these programs is the promise of employment with successful trucking companies once you complete the CDL training program at US Truck. And, because you attended our school for your CDL training, you’ll also be able to utilize our job placement assistance program any time during your trucking career!

Whatever option you decide for your CDL training, you’re making a great choice in joining the trucking industry!

United States Truck Driving School offers a variety of training programs and payment options for students working to achieving their career goals. Start your career in confidence knowing you’ve made the best choice in CDL education! Call us today to get started! 303-848-8443