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Tips on Studying For the CDL Exam

4 Ways to Help You Pass and Earn your CDL

Trying to pass the CDL exam can be intimidating because it requires a certain amount of studying and preparation. Don’t waste your time trying to memorize the entire manual – study smart instead. Here are some tips to help you study for the CDL exam.

Plan Ahead

Study ahead of time instead of cramming the night before. Studying a little bit every day will help you memorize easier and will yield better results. Cramming the night before will cause you to be tired and unfocused during the exam. There are also many training programs and books to help you with studying.

Study the Manual

Studying the manual is always the best way to prepare for the CDL exam. The questions on the exam will not be designed to trick you, and they are all from topics covered in the manual. Some of the topics will include vehicle inspection, communicating with other drivers, railroad crossing, driving emergencies, braking, and shifting gears. You can pick up a manual at the local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office or download it online.

Collect Your Study Materials

The best material you can use to study for the CDL exam is the manual. There are also various cheat sheets that can be found online with helpful material. If you would like extra material, consider purchasing a test prep book, or downloading an app for your phone. These are all helpful resources that can help you prepare for the exam.

Take a Practice Test

CDL practice tests will allow you to learn what material might show up on the real exam. This will help you figure out which topics you need to prepare for before the real test. Practice tests are sometimes offered through your local DMV office, or you can take a free CDL permit test prep class at United States Truck Driving School.

United States Truck Driving School holds a free test prep class at each campus every Saturday morning to help students get exposed to the trucking industry. They cover material that will show up on the CDL exam and incorporate videos and Q&A sessions into each class.

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