Keep America Moving Forward: Get your CDL

We’ve all heard that America relies on truckers. Truck drivers deliver the goods we all need to thrive and survive. It’s also been said that without truckers, our country would soon come to a standstill. 

Is that true? What would happen if we were to lose our truck drivers? Here are a few examples of what we could expect if the trucking industry came to a halt. 

Our Economy Stalls

Within a few days, gas stations would run out of fuel. Without gas for cars and buses, workers would soon find it difficult or impossible to get to work. Mail and package delivery would come to a halt. People cannot get out to spend money on necessities or entertainment.

Goods would sit on ships and trains since there would be no trucks to deliver goods to their destinations. Retailers would have nothing to restock their shelves with. Many manufacturers depend upon regular truck deliveries rather than maintaining warehouses of parts. Their assembly lines would shut down and their employees would be out of work. 

Necessities Run Out

Grocery stores would sell out of food and bottled water. Hospitals would not be able to provide proper patient care because critical medical supplies would run out within hours. After a few weeks without truck drivers, pharmacies would run out of medicine.

If we were without truckers for two to four weeks, we would lose our supply of clean water. Water treatment facilities need truck drivers to bring the chemicals they need to clean water. Without chemicals like chlorine, our tap water would not be safe to drink. All tap water would have to be boiled before we could drink it. Otherwise, we would become sick. 

Keep on Truckin’

So yes, America does rely on truckers! As more truckers are retiring, new truckers are in high demand to keep America moving forward. Without new drivers to fill these employment opportunities, the industry slows down, and our country suffers.

You can have an exciting, new career in just a few weeks when you receive your CDL training at United States Truck Driving School. If you’re ready to keep America moving forward, call us today to get started! 303-848-8443