Dealing with Road Rage as a Trucker

As a trucker, you spend a lot of time on the road. That means there are a lot of times you’ll see – or deal with – road rage. By preparing yourself for those challenging situations, you can put yourself in a better place to deal with drivers who do dangerous things as a result of their anger. That means you’ll keep you and your cargo safe, and get home to your family on time.

Head It Off

The best ways to deal with road rage is to avoid being the one to set off the raging individual in the first place. You might not be able to avoid every instance of road rage, but you can decrease it by following the basic courtesies of the road. Take advice from seasoned truck drivers: use your turn signal, avoid using your horn unless absolutely necessary, and try not to cut other drivers off.

Don’t React

If you do find yourself in the position of making someone angry when you’re driving, avoid engaging. Don’t react with obscene gestures or ugly words. You should also avoid making eye contact with the raging driver if at all possible. Do your best to mentally prepare ahead of time so you can keep your cool and stay out of a potentially dangerous situation.

Get Away from Aggressive Drivers

If you see aggressive driving around you, get out of the way! Backing your truck off can help make it easier to avoid aggressive drivers and cool down instances of road rage. Of course, there can also be times when it’s helpful to put your big truck in the way to help prevent other drivers from being victims. Use your best judgment and stay calm, keep breathing, and focus on the road.

Choose Your Stopping Place

At its extreme, road rage can lead to drivers who follow you in hopes of yelling at you later. If you must stop shortly after a road rage incident, make sure that you aren’t alone when you get out of your vehicle. Choose your stopping place carefully! A busy truck stop or gas station is a better choice than a deserted alternative. If possible, keep driving: your route is probably longer than the distance the raging driver plans on driving.

Road rage is inevitable when you’re a trucker who’s out on the road for most of your workday. Trucking school can make a difference in your future career plans. One of the many benefits of truck driving school is learning how to keep your cool and stay out of road rage incidents.

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