Can a Felon get a CDL?

The trucking industry creates stable career opportunities for people from all different backgrounds. However, a flawed driving or criminal history may leave you questioning your eligibility for a commercial driver’s license (CDL). 

Not everyone qualifies for a commercial driver’s license. Today we are answering the question of whether a felon can get a CDL and drive a truck.

Can I get a CDL as a Felon?

It depends. Some felons may have a temporary ban on getting a CDL, while others are permanently disqualified. The good news is that you do not have to have a spotless record to train and be hired as a truck driver. However, there are requirements you must meet to determine if you are eligible for CDL training. 

  • The state you live in matters

Whether or not a felon qualifies for a commercial driver’s license relies on the state of residence. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets the disqualification rules for all CDL holders. In addition, each state has its own rules on commercial driver’s licenses that can disqualify you from eligibility. 

  • The felony conviction matters

Not every offense damages your eligibility for getting your CDL. For instance, minor infractions (such as an overdue parking ticket) cannot disqualify you from getting a job as a truck driver. On the other hand, certain driving infractions or more serious criminal convictions may prohibit you from obtaining a CDL. 

  • How much time has passed?

Many disqualifications are not permanent. Time does matter, and it can change a lot of things for the better. Many times, enough time has passed, or the conviction is not relevant to disqualify you from training. A thorough look into your background will help us determine if you are eligible to train for your CDL and start a career in the trucking industry.  

Recommended Actions to Take

Your best course of action is to meet with us one-on-one to discuss your eligibility.  A felon does not have to be defined by their past crime, but how they recover from them. Schedule a time to sit and talk with an Admissions Representative about your opportunities for having a CDL. We’ll help you figure out if you are able and eligible for your CDL Permit, as well as discuss your job opportunities.

Have an imperfect criminal history and want to know if you qualify to train for your CDL? Let’s see if United States Truck Driving School can help get you on the road to success! Call us today! 303-848-8443