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How Can I Learn More About Trucking?

The Best Resource is Right Here at US Truck!

If you are thinking about getting your CDL, you are likely trying to find as much information as you can on trucking industry jobs. There are plenty of resources and articles online that offer information about the industry, trucking companies, and driving jobs.

But what if you want more information than the internet can provide, and you aren’t quite ready to commit to a school? Or maybe you’re on the fence about getting your CDL or have talked to someone about your training options but still want more info.

Well, we can help!

How can I learn more about the trucking industry?

United States Truck Driving School offers free permit prep classes every Saturday! These classes are great for those thinking about getting into the trucking industry. Each class is free, and there’s no obligation afterward.

What information is covered in these classes?

Each week we cover the basic information you’ll need to get your CDL. We’ll also cover general information on the trucking industry and talk about the high demand for professionally-trained truck drivers. Then we’ll introduce you to the world of trucking. We’ll discuss how you can get your instruction permit, show videos, and have a Q&A session for those with specific questions.

What’s the catch?

No catch! No Experience needed, no obligation afterward. Just a free introduction on getting your CDLThese classes are a great way to gather information about the school, CDL training, and what one must do to get their CDL in the state of Colorado.

OK. I want to start a career in trucking. Now what?

It’s great if you want to get started working toward your CDL! While these classes do offer basic information about our training programs, you can always schedule a one-on-one meeting for more detailed information. Talk with Admissions staff, or speak to any of our job placement coaches on finding employment when you complete your training program.

We can supply you with information about our CDL programs, using financial assistance to help you complete your education, or help you find work after you obtain your license.

If you want information to help you start out in your new trucking career, stop by campus this Saturday!

Find out if trucking is the right industry for you! Call us today! 303-848-8443