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4 Ways to Be a Better Student During CDL Training

Tips for Becoming a Talented, Knowledgeable, and Safe Driver.

Paying attention in class isn’t fun. It’s just not. The allure of the open road or the desire to get out of an office or classroom was the reason for getting a CDL. But, you find yourself in a classroom. Listening to someone explain things that may seem too obvious or too complicated… And you start to tune out. This can feel natural. Maybe you already know this material and you don’t need to hear it for the thousandth time. Or you got lost right off the bat and don’t want the embarrassment of asking a question. But great drivers are the ones that are always learning.

Here are some keys to help you come into class ready to take in as much as possible and leave as a talented, knowledgeable, and safe driver.


If it is hard to understand or stay focused on what the instructor is talking about, visualize yourself in the situations they are addressing. Think about the wheel in your hands and how it feels. Think about the muscles you will use. Try to be as vivid as possible and see if it helps you remember the material better or learn something new.

Ask Questions

If you missed something or got a little lost, it is better to ask a question in class than to have a question on the road. If you already know the information being taught, try to think of a question to ask. This may help less experienced drivers get more information, and you may learn something you didn’t already know.

Take Notes

You forget most of what you don’t write down. Taking notes is the best way to stay engaged, and you have something to look at if you ever have a question down the road.

Take it Slow

Maybe you’ve heard the stories of the student who sideswiped the light pole in the parking lot. It happens. Don’t be that student. When you get behind the wheel breathe easy and remember your training. Confidence and quickness are not the same things. Listen to your trainer, and visualize your success. It’s what the pro athletes do, and it’s the best way to learn.

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