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What to do When You’re Done with Going OTR

Stand Out from the Crowd with a CDL!

Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) license is a great start to a new career, but what do you do when you no longer want to stay over the road (OTR) away from home for long periods of time?

Fortunately, there are countless driving jobs that you can get when you have a CDL. You may even open yourself up to driving careers that do not require a CDL, yet strongly favor drivers who have one.

Your CDL can help you stand out from the competition!

CDL drivers have the expertise required for safe driving – like safely backing up a large truck, or allowing more time to slow down when approaching a stop. Because of this experience, companies that utilize larger-than-average trucks tend to favor candidates with a CDL, even if you don’t need to have one.

On the road, but back in time for dinner!

Driving a school bus or city bus allows you to be home in time for dinner and your favorite show. Similar jobs that give CDL drivers a distinct advantage in the hiring process include driving delivery trucks for companies like FedEx or UPS. Local moving companies or other grocery delivery and retail stores are other great options that do not require overnight OTR drives.

Earning your CDL opens up a world of opportunity that does not restrict you to a life of OTR driving! With our Job Placement assistance, United States Truck Driving School can help jump-start your driving career – no matter how far you want to go, or how close to home you want to stay!

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