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What Should I Expect from Truck Driving School?

Getting Your CDL at US Truck

Updated December 2019

It’s no secret that the trucking industry is in need of new truck drivers to fill vacant employment positions. This is a unique profession and it takes a special person to be successful in this industry.

So, how do new drivers gain the required skills and knowledge needed to have a successful, long-term career? For many people, building a solid foundation for a new career means enrolling in a CDL training program like the ones offered at United States Truck Driving School.

What can you expect when you get your CDL from USTDS?

Truck driving school will generally include a variety of instruction that is intended to prepare the driver for entry-level work in the transportation industry. It will provide basic certification to allow drivers to be qualified to drive on public roadways.

“Most first-time applicants come in expecting us to turn them into perfect drivers, ready for their own trucks at the end of the three-week course. Trainees need to know that we are training them to become entry-level drivers that will need additional training that they will receive once they arrive at the company of their choosing. It’s important to us, that new entrants understand that.” — Harold Trent, USTDS Denver Campus School Director

At United States Truck Driving School, we offer two (2) main certifications including Class A CDL and Class B CDL licenses. The following is an overview of what each program entails:

Class A CDL:

  • 3-6 weeks/160 hours of training
  • Day & Night schedules available for classes
  • Must have a Class A License or Instruction Permit
  • Must pass a drug screening
  • Must be 18 to enroll
Instruction Breakdown Includes:
  • 50 hours of classroom instruction
  • 15 hours of laboratory & parked vehicle instruction
  • 24 hours of basic range vehicle handling
  • 71 hours on public roadways with qualified driving instructors

Class B CDL:

Instruction includes:

A mix of classroom, parked vehicle, driving range basic handling, and public roadway driving with a certified driving instructor.

You will have to meet the aforementioned qualifications to be able to go through and complete the program, but remember that the USTDS is on your side every step of the way.

We Also Offer FREE CDL Prep Training

Every Saturday USTDS is proud to offer a free preparation class for anyone who is getting ready to take their CDL certification test. This class runs every Saturday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. There are no strings attached and it’s open to anyone from any trucking school, including those who didn’t attend USTDS for their coursework.

If you are ready to take the next step and enroll in a CDL training program, United State Truck Driving School can help! Contact us to learn how you can get started. Give us a call at 303-848-8773!