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Why is there a truck driver shortage…and what does that mean for me?

The Future of the Trucking Industry

While there are many industries that have a surplus of qualified applicants vying for a few available positions, the trucking industry isn’t one of them. Companies that hire truckers are desperate to fill driver shortages.

Why the Shortage?

One of the biggest factors of the driver shortage is the age of current drivers. Many of today’s drivers are aging out of the industry, and hanging up their truck keys for retirement. Many more aren’t far behind and will retire within the next 10 years. Getting new, younger drivers to take their places is proving to be difficult.

It can be a difficult lifestyle, particularly for long-haul drivers. Spending weeks on the road seeing the country often sounds good to young people who are just out of school. But after a few years, they may realize that it’s not a good fit. The good news is that having just one year of OTR experience under your belt can make it easier to move into regional, dedicated routes – giving you more home time.

The Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver

Getting started in an industry with such high demand is a benefit to new, entry-level drivers.  While other industries are becoming automated and putting workers out of a job, that’s not the case with trucking. The industry needs more drivers, and carriers are continually recruiting to meet those high demands.

Carriers are also starting to offer an assortment of better perks to incoming drivers, including sign-on bonuses, higher starting pay, and benefits packages.

How to Join the Industry and Become a Truck Driver

It’s a great time to earn your CDL and start a career in the trucking industry.  Becoming a professional truck driver isn’t difficult. United States Truck Driving School partners with trucking companies that offer tuition reimbursement to incoming students, making tuition even more affordable.

Get started in your new career by enrolling in our next CDL training class! To learn more about what our CDL training program entails and how it will change your life, give us a call! 303-848-8443