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The Challenges of Being a Truck Driver

Have the Best Career Possible with These 6 Solutions

Driving an 18-wheeler is a great way to travel and see the country while working and earning a steady income. There are many upsides to driving a truck for a living, but there are also some drawbacks to the profession. Today we’re taking a look at a few of these issues – and offering some solutions to them, too!

Health issues

Increased health issues such as weight gain and poor eating habits are a worry to many drivers. Thankfully, with a little preparation, there is a way for drivers to stave off or even prevent health issues altogether.

Making better food choices. Focusing on healthy eating habits will keep you on the road much longer! Plan ahead! Look for truck stops that offer healthier food choices in their restaurants, or pack your own healthier snacks and water. You can even find healthy recipes that are easy-to-make right in your truck!

Get Moving! Improve your physical and mental health by working out consistently. Start small – set a step goal, and take walk breaks when you stop helps to keep your blood flowing and your muscles stretched out.  Short on time? HIIT workouts can be done in as little as 12 minutes! Follow an app for quick workouts, or take a few minutes to stretch out with Yoga. Looking for a little more? Kettlebells, resistance bands, or small dumbbell weights can be kept right in your truck.


Hours of Service Regulations. Limits to driving hours and required rest times can be a frustration to drivers.  New drivers are eager and energetic to work, and experienced drivers want to get the job done as soon as possible. Working too fast, or too long can be dangerous and unhealthy. HOS regulations are in place to keep everyone on the road safe. Plus, you can use the scheduled down time to get moving (see above!)


Spending a long time away from home will always be difficult. Luckily there are several things that a driver can do to combat that homesick feeling.

Team up! Many companies offer the option to drive as a team.  Having a driving partner has many benefits – including longer drive times (more miles = more pay), higher per-mile pay, and of course, having someone to talk to!

Bring a family member. Most companies will allow drivers to have passengers ride with them. Some drivers choose Fido as their ride-along, others go the 2-legged route and bring a family member along.

Technology. There are many apps that can be downloaded and used to stay in contact with family and friends on your breaks and downtime! Facetime and Skype help keep the driver visually connected with families and friends back home.

As you can see, there are some challenges that can arise from being on the road, but they can be overcome by finding those things that you enjoy. It may take a little creative thinking but the challenges are worth overcoming for this extremely rewarding career opportunity.

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