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Partner Up: The Benefits of Team Driving

How to Make Team Truck Driving Run Smoothly

With the high demand for truck drivers, it’s a great time to start a new career in the trucking industry. Most people think of a trucking career as driving solo, but what if you don’t really want to go it alone?

Consider the option of pairing up with a partner and driving as a team. When you drive as a team, two people share the responsibilities, the truck, and the drive time.

Team driving has its pros and cons – it may work great for some people while others prefer to go it alone. Today we’re exploring the option – and looking at the benefits – of team driving.

The Benefits of Team Driving

One major benefit of team driving is that you are given first priority over truck loads. When there are two people to share the driving time, you’ll average more miles in a day which can equal faster trips – and more money. Because of these faster delivery times, some carriers even offer driver incentives to those who partner up.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Hours of Service still apply to teams. However, you are able to split up your hours and alternate driving shifts. This allows team drivers to stay within FMCSA guidelines and make those on-time deliveries.

Tips for a Productive Partnership

Some drivers choose to partner with their spouse or classmate. Others find a partner through their carrier’s driver match program. These programs pair drivers that have similar interests and hobbies. Whether you get to pick your partner or not, you’ll be living and driving with them in very close quarters. For long distances. With a lot (24/7) of togetherness. So you better make it work!

The Keys to a Successful Partnership Start With:

Open Communication – Sometimes more than one driver can cause confrontation issues between people who are stuck in the same truck for hours on end. Be open-minded and willing to compromise. Having a partner to keep you company is great when you’re logging miles through relatively similar (and sometimes boring) landscapes. Talking things through from the beginning will build a great foundation to a successful team driving career.

Trust and Respect – It’s likely that you and your driving partner will have some differences. There are bound to be some confrontations or power struggles between drivers. You’ll be sharing a small space – respecting boundaries can go a long way.

Before hitting the road, you’ll need to come to a mutual understanding of how things will run. Set boundaries, discuss drive techniques, and be willing and open to compromise.

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