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Should I Go to Trucking School?

Why CDL Classes are Definitely Worth Considering

Going back to school as an adult is a big decision. Making that decision means asking some questions for yourself. Is it worth the time and effort?  Can I afford it? Is it easier to just get by with my current job? Are there other opportunities available to me?

Going to trucking school carries the same commitment of any other program. You need to dedicate time and money, while possibly sacrificing in the short term for a better career. If you’re looking to build a career for yourself, it’s entirely worth considering.

Build a Marketable Skill

The most important reason to go back to school is to earn a skill you can earn money with and build a career on. Going to trucking school gives you a license at the end of the course that makes you immediately hirable at many companies.

According to the USA Today, truck drivers are in high demand. many trucking companies are offering sign-on bonuses because of the shortage of drivers.

Make a Short Commitment

CDL license classes don’t require years or months to complete. You can complete our CDL A training in 3-6 weeks, with options for day or night classes available. There is still a lot to learn with the company you go to work for. But completing a CDL course will definitely give you a step ahead, plus the confidence that you can do the job.

Compared to other courses or programs, this is a small investment you can make even if you’re working another job while attending classes.

Financial Aid is Available

One of the first questions students ask is if they can afford CDL school. We offer several options for financial aid to students, including sponsorships, loans, and reimbursement.

The goal for students enrolling in our trucking program is to help them build a new career in trucking. We designed our financial aid programs to help our students achieve that goal and become proud members of the truck-driving community.

Take the First Step

When you’re considering attending trucking school, or any program, you’ll have many doubts and questions. Don’t let those doubts stop you from finding your career as a truck driver!

Ready to roll? Take the first step toward your new career, call us today! 303-848-8446