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Looking Forward to 2019 For the Trucking Industry

What Can We Expect in Trucking in the New Year?

Many industries – including trucking – are looking forward to what the new year will hold for their industry. While changes do not suddenly happen just because of a new year, very few years are the same and trends come and go in any industry. The same goes for trucking. So, what can we expect in trucking in 2019?

A Driver Shortage

In 2019 the trucking industry will need more drivers. Currently there about 50,000 driver positions open throughout the country. By the end of 2019 that number could balloon to about 60,000.

Truck driving continues to be high-demand as consumer demand grows and more goods need transported. This means there are many quality jobs to be had in the trucking field with average pay starting around $40,000+ and full benefits being included. This job security makes it a great time to get into the trucking industry as a career path.

Truck Driver Salaries on the Rise

Many companies are raising driver salaries and increasing some benefits. The average starting salary for an OTR driver is around $40,000+ annually. The upper-end of drivers can make $100,00+ each year, plus many carriers are adding in more complete benefits packages to go along with it. This is a great time to get into this career as salaries continue to rise along with the demand for drivers!

Fuel Prices Continue To Rise

Fuel prices have put some pressure on the industry.  Diesel is up to $2.88 per gallon (on average) throughout many parts of the US. These numbers are expected to experience a modest increase again in 2019. This raises the cost for companies, which ultimately is passed on to the consumer.

Consumer Demand Slowly Grows

2019 Forecast shows consumer demand continuing to grow at a rate of about 3.5%. This will raise the demand for the number of truck drivers.  The need to transport goods will continue to rise without driver to fill these jobs. This means that the people who get into the industry are in a secure position with quality pay and great benefits.

Autonomous (self-driving) Trucks Are Still A LONG Way in the Future

While some tests have been done on self-driving cars and trucks, full use of autonomous trucks is still a long way away. This means that truck driving is a solid bet of a career choice to get into. Most current drivers will be well past retired by the time the industry becomes fully automated, which is not coming any time in the near future.

While changes are always happening in the trucking industry, these are just a few of the trends happening through 2019. Trucking remains to be a great job in a booming industry with quality pay and full benefits.

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