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Healthy Choices at 4 Popular Fast Food Chains

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Driving for long periods of time is no easy task, and often boredom and exhaustion give-way to food cravings while on the road. Take a look these healthy options from popular fast food chains below and plan ahead to save calories and make healthy fast food choices on your next trip. 

Subway makes it easy to “eat fresh”

This restaurant has more chains nationwide than any other fast-food restaurant, so it’s likely that you will spot this restaurant while on the road. Subway may seem healthy but there are plenty of options that pack a big caloric punch. To avoid consuming too many calories be sure to pick whole-grain bread options and stack veggies high on your sandwich. Most of the meats offered are high in sodium, but the chicken sandwiches usually have lower sodium levels and fewer calories. Ask for your dressing on the side and put it on yourself-chances are you will use less and still be satisfied. Finally, If you pick chips it is smart to look for baked rather than fried options.

You can make healthy choices and still be “lovin’ it”

If you travel the chances of finding a McDonald’s are in your favor. The healthiest choice you can make here is to avoid super-sizing your meal. French fries and soda have no real nutritional value, and the burgers offered at McDonald’s are high calorie, so it’s best to pick a small combo to avoid over-eating. The general rule here is the simpler the burger, the fewer calories you’ll consume. A regular hamburger at McDonald’s has about 250 calories, while the fancier burgers are typically 700 hundred calories or more.

Have it your healthy way

The rules that apply to McDonald’s hold true at Burger King. Make sure to avoid large combo meals and stick to simple burgers to save calories. Most restaurants also offer a grilled chicken sandwich but keep an eye out for nutritional information, it may seem surprising, but often a simple burger is the healthier choice. Of course, Burger King & McDonald’s offer salads as well. The garden chicken salad with grilled chicken is 313 calories at Burger King – not counting dressing. 

We found the beef – and it can be a healthy choice. 

Because Wendy’s are often found inside of gas stations, this restaurant might be a good option for you as you make quick stops for gasoline and other necessities. Wendy’s offers some sensible options that you could consider, such as a simple baked potato or seasonal salads that offer fresh ingredients. If a burger is too tempting to pass up, just remember to keep your order on the small side and order a burger without too many extras.

Keep in mind that all fast-food restaurants disclose nutrition information both in-store and on their website, so with a bit of planning, you can make sure that every meal that you eat on the road is intentional and healthy. Next time you’re traveling and need to stop at one of these fast-food chains, keep this list in mind and you’ll be able to make healthier choices with ease.

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