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Health and Safety Tips for Female Truck Drivers

Keeping You Safe on the Road

Even though the trucking industry has been male-dominated for many years, more and more women are choosing to work as truck drivers.

Life as a truck driver offers a good income, freedom to set your own schedule and the opportunity to see the country. However, female truck drivers face different challenges than men.

We’ve got three health and safety tips that will keep on the road for miles.

Being Prepared

All truck drivers, male or female, need a good emergency kit in their vehicle. Basic safety supplies like a flashlight, warm clothing, rain gear and a first aid kit ensure that you are prepared for anything that may happen while you are on the road. You never know what the weather is going to do or what you are going to encounter. Knowing you are prepared gives you peace of mind.

Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is a challenge for all truck drivers. Packing healthy foods to eat when you are on the road, taking time to exercise and making sure you drink enough water are key to taking care of yourself. Bring comforts from home like your favorite blanket and pillow, pictures of your loved ones and anything else that makes you happy helps you stay mentally healthy as well.

Staying Safe

One thing many female truck drivers worry about the most is staying safe when parked at a truck stop overnight. Thinking ahead, and trusting your gut, will help keep you safe. Other ways to stay safe include

• Parking in the front of the lot where it is well lit instead of the back.

• Staying alert and be aware of your surroundings. Carry yourself with confidence so you do not look like an easy target.

• Locking your truck doors anytime you are in it.

These safety tips will keep you from worrying as much which will help you get the rest you need to drive safely.

What safety tips can you offer your fellow female truckers? Share your tips, tricks, or favorite safety accessories with other drivers on our Facebook page!

A career as a female truck driver is a great opportunity and can be very rewarding! Get started on the road to your new career! Call us at 303-848-8443 and talk with an enrollment specialist today!