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Five Easy Truck Driver Exercises

We Have the Best Truck Driver Exercises

As a truck driver, you have the freedom to turn any space into a workout zone. As you’ll notice in The Healthy Trucker video, one parking spot can turn into a gym.  With a little creativity and minimal equipment, you can stay in shape while on the road. 

Don’t let turning the wheel be your only arm exercise

It’s time for the resistance bands. Don’t get worked up about not having every squat rack and weight bench to grunt and sweat under. Grab a resistance band, and you’ll be amazed at how much the simple physics of resistance can help you shape up. As you’ll see from The Healthy Trucker, you can get a lot done with what seems to be just a simple rubber band. 

  • Overhead tricep curls – You know those handles that help you get in and out of your truck? Put them to even better use. Wrap your resistance band around the handlebar, with one hand on each grip, walk a few steps away from your truck until you can feel slight resistance from the bands. Now, face away from your truck and hold both grips at the height of the top of your head. You feel that tension? Good. Now, pull the bands out in front of your head, like you’re throwing a watermelon over your head. After a few reps, you’ll feel this exercise in your reps, and if you don’t, then increase the tension of the bands. 
  • Ab twists – There are few better feelings than after a good ab workout, and you don’t even need to sit down for this one. Using the resistance band, which is again positioned around your truck’s handle, grab a grip in each hand and face away from your truck. Instead of pulling the band near your head, instead, keep it at waist height. You’ll be pulling the band from one side of your stomach to the other, almost like you’re churning butter from an arm’s distance away. Back and forth you go, engaging your core the entire time, and your abs will thank us later.

The art of plyometrics

  • Jump squats – All you need is about 2 square feet and determination. Squat down to where your knees are at a 90 degree angle, then jump up with your arms reaching for the sky. Complete 50 jump squats a day for a month, and we guarantee you’ll have quads of steel. 
  • Lunges in place – Your legs will love you after this one. Simply lunge one foot out until your knee is at a 90 degree angle from the ground. Without moving your anchor leg, which should remain in place, push back up to standing position with your lead food. You can go at your own pace for this one, but make sure that you alternate and focus on keeping your knee from extending past your front toe as you lunge. 

Workout while staying completely still

  • As a trucker, you know and understand the art of being still for a long period of time. Now, get in shape because of it. On your yoga mat, get down on the ground and put your forearms on your mat at shoulder’s width. They should be parallel with your chest. Now, raise your body up by the tip of your toes, keeping your shoulders, back, and butt completely level and in line with one another. The goal of this exercise is to engage the core, so tighten those ab muscles as you’re completing this exercise. Try and hold that position for 30 seconds at a time, and repeat that 4 times. If you’re feeling brave, aim for 60 seconds at a time. 

There you have it! Five “easy” exercises that you can do within an hour’s time and with just the space of a parking lot. Consider yourself your own valet driver to your very favorite and most practical gym. 

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