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The ELD Mandate and What it Means to Truckers

If You're a CDL Driver, This Mandate Likely Applies to You

If you’ve spent time behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle, you know about the driving logbook. Driving hours rules may have changed some over the years, but the logbook has been the principal source of keeping track of those hours. Since drivers were responsible for logging their own hours with fleet managers checking said logbooks, there was some concern over fudging the books.

ELD – Electronic Logging Devices

Enter the ELD or electronic logging device. The ELD Mandate is part of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act or MAP-21The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) details the abilities of an ELD, including capturing data on whether an engine is running, if the vehicle is moving and how many miles are driven. If you’re a CDL driver, this mandate likely applies to you.

What the ELD Mandate Means for Truck Drivers

First, know that the ELD Mandate does not change the hours of service, or HOS, rules.

Drivers must keep on board and handy:

  • an ELD user’s manual and instruction sheet
  • instructions for reporting malfunctions as well as how to respond to unassigned driving hours recorded (know how to explain notes and edits!)
  • eight days worth of blank records of duty status, or RODS

 ELD compliance in short:

  • The rule applies to buses as well as trucks
  • Back up your data and keep it for six months!
  • Your ELD must be certified. The FMCSA keeps a list of certified devices. (Yes, Smartphones are acceptable devices.)
  • You must submit supporting documents within thirteen days of the information being generated.
  • Canadian and Mexican drivers must comply while driving in the US.
  • Know how to share data when requested, particularly with law enforcement
  • The mandate provides protections from harassment based on ELD information
  • Know how to clock in and out on ELD devices

Yes, there are Exceptions:

The FMCSA details the law, including who is exempt from the ELD Mandate. Exceptions will be made for drivers with the following:

  • Drivers in vehicles manufactured before the year 2000 are exempt while driving that vehicle.
  • Tow truck drivers delivering the vehicle being monitored or towing motorhomes.
  • If you are required to keep RODS less than nine days out of thirty

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