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Colorado Springs CDL training at USTDS: Get informed, Stay informed

When is Colorado Springs CDL training just not enough? When you are looking to build a career in a CDL-based industry, Colorado Springs CDL training is certainly enough, with the right amount of work, practice, and study, to help you obtain your CDL and get yourself positioned to start a career in one of several different career paths.

But when you have completed your Colorado Springs CDL training, passed the CDL exam, and gotten a job in your industry of choice, then what? How are you supposed to stay current on the latest trends, technologies, and changes to the field in which you work?

You could rely on word-of-mouth to get to you. That may take weeks or months or longer, and it won’t necessarily help you when you aren’t informed of a new law change, then get caught by the police and end up ticketed (or worse).

You can just hope word reaches you, and maybe it takes you a year or two to find out about a new piece of technology that is helping competitors more efficiently deliver loads to their destinations. You’ll only be that much time behind the other guy.

Or you can take the initiative and continue Colorado Springs CDL training in the form of continuing education. This is an increasingly important part of anyone’s professional training regimen, mostly because these days it’s so easy to find it. For decades anyone could crack open a phone book and find a trucking school to train them for their CDL. But if you’re looking to not just GET informed, but to STAY informed, these days reading the newspaper just won’t cut it. For most industries there are any number of resources: blogs, newspapers and magazines, radio and television programming, podcasts, and formal training seminars that take place online, at conferences, or just in certain select locations from time to time.

With so many forms of communication out there, Colorado Springs CDL training takes on a whole new meaning. Of course you need to take your initial load of coursework, truck time, and study time, and earn the information you need to earn your CDL and get yourself started in the industry.

In a profession like trucking, for instance, you have several sources of information to choose from in order to receive updates on the industry, hear what is going on with those who work alongside you, and see how new methods and techniques are improving trucking. It’s easy to watch, read, or listen, and gathering that new information makes it more than worth the time it takes, especially when it saves your company time and money, helps you keep up with competitors, and in general makes you more knowledgeable about the field you work in.

Of course nothing replaces your original Colorado Springs CDL training; indeed it helps you build the foundation of your job skills and industry knowledge at the beginning of your journey. But laws and regulations change, and if you can keep up with those changes as they are occurring (or, in the case of some events, coming through the pipeline), so much the better for you. It can help you stay informed and abreast of the various rule changes, keep you compliant, and keep you safe.

And, sure, you can ignore continuing education opportunities, or pretend like you won’t be behind when you hear about the latest industry innovation from a competitor that has been using it for months, but why would you want to do that? Reading blogs, publications, and going to conferences and meetings are an easy way to stay up on the trends that can help you the most, keeping you and your place of employment at the top of the latter, staying up-to-date on all of the latest and greatest innovations, continuing to boost your Colorado Springs CDL training at every turn, and building that great foundation out into the full, well-maintained structure you always wanted your career to be. Don’t let your career become out of date. Use all of the tools at your disposal to make your Colorado Springs CDL training worth the effort you are putting into it, and make sure you continue to evolve your career.