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Your Guide to Using Financial Aid for CDL Training

Overcoming one of the most common obstacles to career training education

Finances should never keep you from getting the career you deserve. Luckily, they don’t have to. United States Truck Driving School has many different opportunities available for financial assistance. These include allowances, reimbursements, loans, sponsorship, and others. Here are few ways you can qualify for financial aid when getting CDL training at USTDS.

Financial Assistance for Veterans

Several tuition assistance opportunities are available for service members, their spouses, and dependents. The United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs has benefits available to cover tuition and gives you access to a highly in-demand job field. Below are just a few of the VA benefits available you can receive.

  • The Montgomery GI Bill: If you’re a veteran with at least 2 years of active duty service, you can receive up to 36 months of benefits covered.
  • The Post 9/11 GI Bill┬«: You may be eligible for 36 months of benefits if you have 90 days of aggregate service after September 10th, 2001.
  • Special Vocational Training: If you have a disability rating from the VA and have an employment handicap, this program can get you the assistance you need.

Reimbursement for Veterans and Others

In addition to the programs available to assist veterans in getting the training they need, certain carriers will pay back up to $7,500 of the VA benefits used to cover CDL training costs. Even if you paid for training out of pocket, the carrier you find employment with will pay back your monthly tuition.

Carrier Sponsorship for CDL Training

The carriers that partner with USTDS recognize how important quality drivers are. In light of the high demand for drivers, certain carriers are willing to invest in your CDL training. You’ll receive benefits towards your tuition, housing, and transportation while you’re getting your CDL training. When you get finished, you’ll pay them back through a weekly payroll deduction until it’s paid off.

….And Much More

United States Truck Driving School has programs help you overcome one of the most common obstacles to education, including:

  • Programs from Goodwill Industries
  • Vocational programs from the state of Colorado
  • In-House financing, loans, and deferred payment plans

If you’re interested in getting CDL training, contact us today to learn more about the financial aid opportunities open to you!