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The Benefits of Enrolling in a Truck Driving School

Beginning a Successful Career in the Trucking Industry

After deciding to become a truck driver, you have likely discovered the many different job opportunities available, the great salary potential and job security you can expect, and the steps involved in reaching your dreams.

The biggest key to success in obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and getting hired by top trucking companies will be the training you receive. Enrolling in a truck driving school will teach you the hands-on-skills and the industry knowledge allowing you to pass the CDL three-part skills exam test.

Here are a list of skills you can expect to learn when attending a quality trucking institution:

  • Hands-on practice driving a semi-truck that meets the requirement for long-distance hauling
  • Training to drive lighter duty commercial trucks such as those used for local deliveries
  • Maneuverability training such as backing up, turning around, proper signaling, and parking
  • Knowledge about proper cargo distribution and handling large capacity loads
  • Instructional programs that teach traffic laws, road signs, and trucking regulations
  • How to read maps and correctly plan trip logs
  • Record keeping for deliveries made and hours driven
  • Bill of lading (BoL) procedures that acknowledge receipt of cargo
  • How to couple and de-couple a trailer
  • Pre and post trip inspections
  • Employee and public safety

By going to a truck driving school, you increase your chances of passing the challenging CDL exam and avoid the need to schedule a re-test. Actually, going to a good CDL training school is the fastest way to learn how to drive trucks and pass the state exams than by any other method.

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