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Avoid Failing the Written CDL Driving Test with these 5 Tips

Helpful Tips to Pass and Earn your License

Passing the CDL Exam can be a nerve-wracking experience for new drivers. You’ve spent weeks pouring yourself into your CDL training in the classroom, in the yard, and out on the roadways. That training experience has come down to this: a two-part exam that tests your knowledge of what you’ve learned.

Today we’re sharing 5 Tips on how you can prepare for – and pass – your written CDL exam on the first try! 

1. Study & Understand – Don’t Just Memorize.

Set aside time to study the CDL Manuals and your classroom work materials. Your instructor will be able to clarify any items you have questions about. Get the most out of your training and utilize their experience and expertise.

Don’t just memorize the materials, make sure you can apply them to actual real-world scenarios. Remember that the actual exam may have questions worded differently than on practice test. Fully understanding the material means you won’t get tripped up on those questions with alternate wording. 

2. Practice Tests

Speaking of practice tests… During your training, you’ll have access to practice test materials. Use them! Time yourself taking these practice tests, and ask questions on things you aren’t sure about. Practice tests also give you a sense of how questions will be worded on the final exam. 

3. Dust Off Your Test-Taking Skills

Using the same skills and tactics that you used in middle or high school can help you pass your CDL test with ease. You know most of the answers from studying your manual, but the good old brain-drain can happen to anyone. Eliminating answers you know are wrong and narrowing down your choices before making your final decisions will help you ensure that you pick as many correct answers as possible while taking your exam.

4. Come Prepared

If you know what to expect ahead of time you’ll be less nervous, be able to focus on your answers, and won’t stress on the time limit.  The CDL Exam is broken into two parts: the written test, and the driving portion. The written part of your CDL test is 50 questions long and you will have 60 minutes to complete it. Knowing that ahead of time will make you less frazzled on test day.

5. Get Some Rest

On the day of the exam, prepare yourself for success. That will mean getting quality rest the night before your exam. If your test is in the morning, eat breakfast, give yourself extra time, and arrive at the exam center ahead of schedule. 

If your test is later in the day, take a few moments to read through the question you are less sure of. Don’t let anxiety from the day carry over to your test performance!

Going through CDL training gives students the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to pass the CDL exam. Following these 5 tips will ensure you are well prepared for your written CDL exam and on your way to a successful new career. 

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This blog was originally published in 2015 and has been updated for 2019.