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5 More Reasons to Get Your CDL

More Benefits of Driving the Open Road

Thinking about getting a new job, one with job security, good pay, and a lot of opportunities? You might want to consider getting your CDL and becoming a truck driver! We’ve already shared a few reasons why you should get your CDL and become a truck driver. Today we are sharing 5 MORE benefits of getting your Commercial Driver’s License!

Good Pay

One of the best reasons to get your CDL is that you’ll get good pay & benefits. The average amount that a CDL driver makes is $41,000 just in the first year! Your income potential can increase based on the company that you work for, what type of vehicle you’re driving, and if you’re driving OTR (over the road) routes. Many companies are offereing sign-on bonuses, as well as comprehensive benefits packages that include health insurance, paid vacation time, and much more!

Lots of Job Opportunities

With a CDL, you have many job opportunities that you can choose from! This means that you don’t have to worry about being stuck in the same old dead-end job. From local to regional or over-the-road routes, CDL drivers have many career options! You also have the option to drive solo, or partner up and drive as a team. 

Job Security

Many people worry about whether they will be downsized in the company that they work for. But for someone with a CDL, this isn’t a concern. The current shortage of drivers means that those who have a CDL won’t have trouble finding a job. Attend any of our recruiter visits and meet with local and national companies that are continually hiring new drivers for various routes!

No Need to Move

When you get a new job, many times you have to go and move to where the new job is. As a trucker, you don’t have to worry about uprooting your family and moving when you start your career, or if you switch companies.  As long as you live in the same state as your CDL, you can keep home-base as it is. Most major trucking companies have terminals located throughout the United States, providing drivers with local access to equipment maintenance facilities, drop yards, and offices.

Scenic Travel

If you love to travel, you’ll get to do a lot of it while driving a truck – and get paid for it at the same time! The open road is your office building, your truck is your office chair and cubicle.

As you can see, having a Commercial Driver’s License can offer you many things that a typical 9-to-5 job can’t.

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