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4 Ways to Keep In Touch With Loved Ones While OTR

The Best Apps to Keep You Connected

There are so many benefits to being a truck driver, but being away from family and loved ones is definitely a challenge. There are several ways you can keep in contact when you’re on your next long-haul trip.


With the ability to post photos, send private messages, and make video calls, Facebook is a great all-in-one way to communicate. If there are several people you want to keep in touch with, consider setting up a private group or chat where you can exchange messages and photos with a little more privacy.

This is a great way to showcase the places you have been, or where you are headed next. Trucking is a rewarding career that can take you to many places you might not normally go.

Facebook is also home to many truck driver groups where you can network with fellow drivers, share tips & tricks of the road, or find support to issues that are unique to truck drivers. There are even groups dedicated to spouses and loved ones of truck drivers, so they can find support from others going through the same things.

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Couple app

There are challenges that come with being a truck driver. Staying in touch with your partner back home shouldn’t be one of them. If you’re looking for something more private than Facebook, the app Couple (formerly called Pair) may be right for you.

Dubbed, “The App for Two,” Couple is a way for significant others to keep in contact., and is available for both Apple and Android devices, as well as desktop PC.  This makes it easy to stay in contact wherever you are.

Couple includes the sweet “Thumbkiss™” feature which makes both phones vibrate simultaneously when you touch the same spot on your phones. This app also has the ability to create a shared timeline to remember special dates and events. Plus, you and your partner can use the sketch app to draw pictures or play games like hangman.

A Note a Day

For each day that you’ll be gone, leave behind an envelope with a note, small gift, or photo. Each morning, your loved one can open that day’s envelope and take a look at your special message or gift. Young children in particular love opening envelopes to see what’s inside. In turn, your loved ones can send notes along with you. You can have fun opening them each day, just resist the temptation to open them all at once!

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time on those longer routes. Try finding one that is a series you can enjoy in the truck, and your family can enjoy at home. You’ll have a connection to each other as you all listen to the same episodes.


Instagram is another social media platform you can use to keep in contact.  Take and share pictures while you’re on the road. Your loved ones can take and post photos as they go about their day.

Having an Instagram account is a great way to share photos of the places you have been with those you love. They’ll be able to learn more about the places you have been or learn more about trucking as a career. Seeing photos from back home can help keep you connected with family and friends and keep you from feeling homesick! 

There will always be challenges of life on the road.  Staying in touch with loved ones when you’re gone shouldn’t be one of them. Whether you go high-tech to keep in touch or do something more analog there’s always a way to stay close to those you love!

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