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4 Times You’ll Wish You Paid Attention

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We’ve all had those times. The moment of truth, as it were, when the chips are down…and you are woefully under-prepared and unable to complete the task you are assigned.

For many of us this happens at school most often, and maybe at work as an adult. We all know the moment well—maybe we didn’t heed someone’s advice, or we knew a key deadline was approaching, and we procrastinated a bit too long. But you know the moment when you’re in it by the wave of panic that washes over you, and the feeling of utter helplessness that creeps into your soul.

4 Times You'll Wish You Paid More Attention in Trucking School

When you’re in truck driving school you don’t want to have this feeling, because it means you’re failing at something, or you’re about to make a mistake that you will really come to regret. If you’re taking a practice test, you may have found the best time to have that feeling, because it means you still have more time to get your business in order before the real moment arrives.

If it comes at other times, though, you may not be so lucky. Here are 4 times you REALLY wish you had paid more attention in truck driving school:

When you’re in traffic. On an Icy Road. And that car cuts you off. Managing to get “lucky” and coast through trucking school without giving it your all may not be so lucky after all. You certainly won’t be thinking that when you’re stuck in heavy winter traffic on an icy road and you get cut off…and you have no idea how to properly react.

Being in perhaps the most dangerous spot during your time as a truck driver and not knowing the proper safety procedures can be deadly, not just for you but for people around you. This is one time you will definitely want to have as much knowledge and information at your disposal as you can.

When your truck breaks down in North Dakota. Being out on the road all alone isn’t fun. Being stranded out in the middle of nowhere is always a difficult proposition, but imagine being responsible for thousands of dollars’ worth of cargo in the trailer, attached to a $100,000-plus truck that belongs to someone else…and not knowing what to do.

Shortchanging yourself in the weeks before this incident is once again harmful to more than just you, who is broken down in a rural area, not making miles and not making money. And maybe because you were daydreaming that day you didn’t hear the instructor talking about taking a small set of tools with you, so a repair you could have made yourself in 20 minutes turns into a four-hour delay, costing you a day’s worth of miles, and pay.

When you’re taking the CDL Exam. Many college students have a frequent dream that they show up the day of a final exam, only to realize they hadn’t been to class all semester. This can be your trucking school nightmare come true if you let yourself drift through your truck driving practice. When the CDL tester is asking you questions, you want to know your stuff, and you need to be able to answer questions confidently. Not to mention that you really should have the moves to go along with that knowledge.

When you’re at a job you dislike…because you failed your CDL exam. You squandered your time and money on truck driving school because you didn’t put a full effort into your work, and now you are stuck back at your old job. You know, the one you were trying to get away from when you started truck driving school? Unfortunately, because you were unable to pass the CDL exam, it’s most likely you will never even get to these other points and come to regret your decision not to put 100 percent into your work. It’s probably actually better for you anyway.

Life is full of choices. Some are difficult, others are unpleasant, and still others are easy. If you’re serious about becoming a truck driver, the decision about how much effort to put into your truck driver training may not appeal to your laziness, but it should be one of the easier choices you make.

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