• The Real Truth About Truckers

    Being a truck driver isn't exactly easy. And it's even harder when the rumor mill is running and people actually believe the myths about this profession. The truth is, truckers work hard every day! So we are here to address and correct the 14 most common misconceptions people have about the men and women that keep America moving! 1. Myth: Most people don't care about truck drivers. Reality: Most people know that without truckers, they wouldn't eat, would have nothing to buy, or have nothing to drive. Most people recognize the commitment and skill that it takes to make America run and they appreciate it. 2. Myth: Truckers are male. Reality: There are over 200,000 long haul women truckers. To be a trucker you have to be confident and able-bodied. Women are just as capable as men. 3. Myth: Anyone can be a truck driver. Reality: Yes and no. With the proper CDL training, you can become a truck driver. But you have to pass your training and CDL test first. You can be a truck driver if you uphold the law, work hard, and are committed to doing a good job. 4. Myth: Truckers never shower. Reality: Actually, long distance truckers never have to look far for home conveniences like showers. They're everywhere and very commonly used. 5. Myth: They're irresponsible drivers. Reality: Truckers are very extensively trained and able to handle what the road throws at them. They take their safety and the safety of others very seriously. 6. Myth: They're only concerned about getting where they're goin' fast. Reality: Truckers are actually well documented "Good Samaritans", who are often the first to stop when they see a collision or motorist in trouble. With proper trip planning, they can stay on time and eliminate the need to rush through their trip. 7. Myth: Truckers cause lots of accidents. Reality: Truckers are 3 times less likely to have an accident than normal vehicles. And the majority of accidents that do occur are due to drivers driving in blind spots and abruptly braking in front of them. 8. Myth: Truckers are poor. Reality: A truck driver makes a pretty good living, often exceeding 50K a year. Even states like Mississippi, that have much lower wages than national averages, lead the nation in trucker compensation. 9. Myth: Drivers are notorious boozers and addicts. Reality: Drivers take regular drug tests and can't have any major marks on their records. These expectations are set by reputable companies. 10. Myth: Truckers aren't cultured or knowledgeable. Reality: Truckers drive all over the country. They have the opportunity to see just about every sight there is to see. They experience a lot of exciting things and meet a lot of great people. 11. Myth: They're loners. Reality: Trucking is a very social profession. They are constantly meeting new people, working with other,s and sharing stories. 12. Myth: All they do is sit. Reality: Truckers are hauling a variety of loads. When they aren't driving, they're loading, unloading, and actually staying fairly active. 13. Myth: Truckers don't have a family. Reality: Most truckers are family men and women, doing the best they can to care for their families. 14. Myth: Drivers aren't professional. Reality: Drivers take their job seriously. They get up for work every morning and work hard to meet deadlines. Truckers are some of the most reliable and committed people you'll ever meet.
  • What Students Think About Our CDL Training

    We enjoy hearing what students have to say about their experience at our truck driving school. This allows us to keep improving and consistently deliver quality CDL training. Check out our student reviews from February 2017.
    Terrence W. Peyton, CO 02/21/2017 Good training. Update facilities!! Training was very good. Need to update facilities a little better. Add more concrete or asphalt to instead of dirt pads. It was a little uncomfortable when the wind kicked up. Other than that I'm very satisfied.
    Robert M. Yoder, CO 02/13/2017 Awesome experience Very hands on instructors was patient very helpful on answering questions and instructing on what's needed to pass you driving test awesome experience.
    Edgar E. Denver, CO 02/07/2017 A really great school and awesome staff I recently graduated from ustds and it was a great experience. The staff are great teachers and very helpful I will definetly recommend this school to go to if you want to pursue a CDL career.
  • Advice from Our USTDS School Director

    When you're looking at different CDL schools, or trying to figure out if truck driver training is something you should really be doing, you do a lot of research online. Google and Yahoo become your best friends, and you'll search for it all: "Best CDL school near me," "How long is CDL school?" "How much does CDL training cost?" and everything in between. Sometimes, all you really want to do is hear from an expert...and maybe without really having to talk to them. This is where Harold Trent comes in. Harold is our School Director & Supervisor of Training at the US Truck Denver campus. Trucking seems to run in his family - both of his parents are truck drivers, his uncle is a heavy duty truck mechanic, and after graduating high school, he decided to give it a shot as well. He spent over a decade working primarily OTR (over the road) and regional with a small company and a few owner operators, learned the ropes of truck maintenance, and eventually made his way to a Director position at our school. From creating and developing new ideas for each of the different training programs, to making sure that our equipment is properly licensed and maintained for training, Harold is always on his toes, making sure everything is running and operating smoothly!
    I tell our students this: Trucking is 35 hours a day, 45 days a month, 15 months a year, meaning that as long as people need food, shelter and clothing, trucking will not stop."

    Recently, Harold did an interview with Aleah from besttruckingschools.com, where he discussed the advantage of going to a truck driving school, the kinds of things a prospective student should look for in a truck driving school, and he gave his best advice for someone looking to become a truck driver.

    Read Harold's full interview here! Learn more about how Harold and other United States Truck Driving School, Inc. staff can help you reach your career goals. Check out our CDL training programs or our job placement services. Feel free to call us at 303-848-8443 in Denver, or 719-394-8222 in Colorado Springs for additional information.
  • An image of the Denver skyline on a cold winter evening, the streets and highway (US Interstate 25) are filled with heavy rush-hour traffic.

    If you’ve never lived in Colorado, it’s easy to get the wrong idea about the winter weather. First things first: It’s Colorado, people! Not North Dakota, Minnesota, or Antarctica! That’s not to say Colorado doesn’t have its fair share of challenging cold weather along the Front Range Urban Corridor. It does, and Coloradans are proud!

    Colorado Winter Weather

    Average annual snowfall in Colorado Springs is approximately 39 inches, and in Denver, it’s somewhat more intimidating at 56.3 inches. But residents typically enjoy more than 240 sunny days every year in this lovely state. Snowstorms aren’t the norm. Though when the snow dumps, it’s impressive. The important thing to understand is that it’s not around all winter. When you talk about climate conditions in Colorado, the philosophy is, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” (Some folks use “blizzard/schlizzard,” but that’s not quite as catchy.) What all this means is that driving here is uneventful most days. But when nasty weather hits, you have to be ready! It’s sort of like the old military motto, “hurry up and wait”. But if you follow the Boy Scout creed of preparedness, you should do just fine.

    Drive Prep

    Colorado meteorologists truly love to warn Coloradans of upcoming snowstorms and icy havoc. Seriously. They really love it. So, you usually have plenty of warning. You’ll also have plenty of false scares. It’s the nature of the beast. Colorado winter driving requires some essentials:

    -- Functioning heater and defrost -- Snow tires -- Ice scraper -- Cold weather gear: Gloves, Coat, Hat, and Blanket -- Flares -- Sand/traction mats

    These are the basics. Other items, like snow chains, a first aid kid, nonperishable food, a sleeping bag, and a shovel can’t hurt. But these are usually items more necessary if you plan to do some real winter mountain driving.  That’s probably not the greatest idea for a novice. Just saying.

    Drive Time

    Finally, what you’ve been waiting for. What do you do when you’re sliding around on the icy, snowy Colorado roads to prevent accidents and injury? Well first, don’t slide around. Here are some tips and tricks to keep you safe:

    1. Slow down! Seriously. This cannot be stressed enough.

    2. When braking, use steady pressure for anti-lock brakes and pumping for standard brakes. Whatever happens, do not slam on your brakes.

    3. Black ice is real. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Use caution. (See 1 and 2.)

    4. Heed warning signs, such as “Watch for ICE on Bridge.” They didn’t have a sale on these signs. If they’re there, they mean it.

    5. Use your low beams. Your brights reflect off the snow, making it impossible to see. Safe driving requires sight – in any weather!

    6. Slow down. Yes, I'm telling you again. That’s truly how important that tip is. Because if you really want to go faster, it might just be in an ambulance.

    Okay, so now you have the tips to take on winter driving in a car. But, do you think you can manage it all in a big rig? The right training makes all the difference. If you want to become a professional truck driver that has the right skills to take on all different kinds of weather conditions, then our truck driver training courses are the way to begin your career in the trucking industry! Give us a call! Lets talk about enrollment and registration requirements. In Denver: 1-800-727-7364, or Colorado Springs: 1-800-666-7364
  • An image of 5 different semi trucks parked in a row at a truck stop.

    The 2017 trucking forecast appears to be heading into another year demand. The US economy in 2016 did well with the third quarter corporate profits swelling just under $46 Billion from profits made during the second quarter of 2016. As we continue to wait for the Feds to release data on the fourth quarter of 2016, it is fairly safe to say that 2017 should be another profitable year for corporations. What this means for truck drivers is an increase in demand for goods moved by trucks. The reason is that stores and manufacturers need to restock their inventories if they wish to supply products to consumers. In short, 2017 for truck driving jobs should be another bumper year.

    Young People Needed

    It is not secret that the trucking industry is getting older. When we look at the demographic data, as published by the American Trucking Association, we see that the trucking industry needs younger drivers. This is because for years as older truckers retired, nobody replaced them. When the housing market crashed in 2008 trucking took a hit. It was a good time to get out of the industry and so people did. Since the US economy has turned around, the need for truck drivers has continued to grow. That is what has lead to the trucking shortage and that remains what is driving the need for new truck drivers. For anyone looking for a new career, or to start their first, trucking needs people.

    Trucking is Growing and It Needs New Drivers

    When we look at the data from sites like the BLS, what we see is a steady growth for new jobs within the industry. Part of that is due to speculation and part of it the fact that for the last several years, trucking has been hurting for new drivers. A few key facts: -- The drop in fuel costs makes moving goods by truck even more viable to industry. -- The US Economy is doing well and consumer confidence is growing. What that means is people are buying goods as documented by that massive growth in corporate profits for third quarter 2016. -- The US Housing Market is fully recovered and people are buying homes again. This is driving the need by manufacturers for building materials and by consumers for goods for their new homes. What all this means is that for 2017, the industry is sitting in a prime position to grow. What is holding back trucking is the shortage of drivers. Trucking not only needs new drivers to fill existing needs, they need new drivers to replace those that are retiring. Trucking needs you. If you're ready to start a new career, United States Truck Driving School can get you on the road in just a few weeks. Professional training, financial aid programs, and lifetime job placement assistance are just a few of the benefits of enrolling in one of our CDL training programs. Give us a call today! Talk with our school office about registration and enrollment options! In Denver: 1-800-727-7364 or Colorado Springs: 1-800-666-7364
  • An image of 7 different crayons that truck drivers can color with to relieve stress while on the road.

    Tips for Relieving Stress While On the Road

    Being a truck driver, or a truck drivers spouse, or a truck driving student can be stressful. Most of us have hobbies that we turn to when we are home, but what do you do when you're out on the road, in small (ok, cramped) living conditions, with non-traditional working hours? When you can't really hit the gym regularly, or you've tried knitting but it's just not your thing... Well, if you're looking for a new stress-relieving hobby, consider breaking out the colored pencils or crayons and relaxing with an adult coloring book. Yes, adult coloring books are really a thing! Several people have done research on the matter (yes, we think that's weird too) and have lumped these coloring books in with other "childish activities" that us grown-ups are going back to because it's a mental escape that brings us back to our childhood. While they may be considered a "childish activity," childish they are not! Think of these adult coloring books and printable coloring pages as a sort of mindful meditation, something that is used to reduce the stress levels many (Okay, all) of us are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. Psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala tells the Huffington Post that "coloring triggers and stimulates the brain areas associated with motor skills, creativity, and the senses. Coloring helps to calm the part of our brains called the amygdala, which controls our emotions and stress. Simply put? Coloring takes our minds off our problems, and as a result leaves us feeling much more relaxed, rested, and at ease." Something that sounds pretty appealing to someone that drives a big, giant truck for a living. No one wants a stressed-out driver behind the wheel of a big rig. But, we like to appeal to the masses, young and old, male and female. Coloring is just fun, and who doesn't like a big truck!? So, this page is for you and/or the kiddos in your life- who ever gets to it first! Feel free to print it out (perhaps print out multiple copies to share) and color it as wild and wacky as you dare! Send us a picture of your finished product, and if we like it enough, we might even consider re-painting the trucks to match! (Okay, probably not - but we WILL give you a shout out on our Facebook and Twitter pages!)     Got a finished one you want to send us? There's a couple super simple ways you can share your masterpiece with us. Either post it to our Facebook page, send it to us in a private message, or email it to email@ustruck.com. We can't wait to see all your lovely artwork!